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Knowing how to minimize the threat of ad-fraud begins with knowing your current baseline of exposure. Our extensive audits analyze your current media buying and procedural operations with a focus on quality and transparency to create a clear map to the path forward. 



Ad-fraud cannot be fixed with a band-aid solution. As with any complex problem, the solution is equally complex and full of nuance.  Our on-going advisory services ensure that you are never left feeling alone in the monitoring of your efforts against fraud.


Knowledge is Power. If your teams are not informed on what fraud is, how it works, where it comes from, and how big it is, it is impossible to even begin tackling the problem.Our seminars give our clients a full and honest picture of how ad-fraud began, what fuels it, and what every sector of the industry can do to fight it.



Experience is vital to fixing any problem, but since fraud of any kind is ever evolving, we invest lots of time and resources into research projects and initiatives. Always knowing the most current methodologies of fraud and the psychology of those committing or complicit in the fraud allows us to remain ahead of the curve when consulting our clients.


We acknowledge that it is extremely difficult to create an entire team of experts on the topic of ad-fraud. 
While educating your team as a whole is imperative, our experience shows us that building in-house Trust Specialists proves extremely effective in holding all of your partners accountable, and to ensure your organization's best interests.