This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for Method Media Intelligence, Inc. Proactive Auditing Product that utilizes: and

What does Proactive Auditing do?

Proactive Auditing is a Javascript, image pixel based monitoring service for digital advertisers to see if an impression is served to a bot.


How does Proactive Auditing work?

Proactive Auditing uses a Javascript or image pixel tag that collects the following information:

1. domain via HTML5

2. referrer via HTTP headers

3. browser via HTTP headers

4. browser version via HTTP headers

5. os via HTTP headers

6. os version via HTTP headers

7. device rendering capability via HTML5 

Only one HTTP request is sent to our servers with this information.


Does Proactive Auditing collect PII or identify users?

No. Proactive Auditing does not require any personally identifiable information or uniquely identify users


How does Proactive Auditing transmit and store this data?

To ensure security in transit and at storage, Proactive Auditing uses SSL and AES-256.

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