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As the digital marketing ecosystem has grow beyond the ability for any single individual or organization to fully comprehend its complexity, the interests of advertisers have suffered as supply chain companies leverage inefficiency and the lack of full transparency as a way to maximize their profits.

Method Media Intelligence empowers clients with the training, tools and intelligence needed to ensure that their media investments are spent wisely on quality supply channels. MMI is driven by a passionate belief that the good intentions of marketers to reach digital consumers have been undermined by the highly fragmented digital media ecosystem, and we work exclusively to return the moral high ground - and improved optics - to marketing organizations.

Developing a mastery of trust allows your organization to rise above the noise of the sprawling ecosystem, and easily identify supply that is worthy of your media investments. The result of gaining the upper hand on trust? More accurate (thus actionable) metrics, clearer campaign results, and improved efficiencies in media investments.

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Who Can Benefit?

DIgital Media Agencies

Agencies provide value to their clients with their expert knowledge of the media marketplace, and with the efficiencies they provide in scale and buying power. We can help agencies create quality and trust Centers of Excellence, enabling the ability to ensure that clients get the quality media they deserve, with accurate metrics and a clearer view on campaign ROI.

Our Services

Forensic Audits

We don't just just confirm that media served is equal to media reported. We dive deep, analyzing your media investment at the individual transaction level with the singular objective of discovering the quality of your media supply. MMI provides easy-to-consume data visualizations to help clients understand their supply quality, and creates a set of recommendations to help optimize the quality of client supply sources.

Brand Advertisers

Big brands have big budgets, which drive the digital media marketplace. MMI can help brands be vigilant with their media investments, ensuring that trust and quality are not overlooked as their media dollars move through the supply chain. MMI helps brand advertisers keep their agencies and supply partners accountable, ensuring actionable transparency that is more than just an empty buzzword.




Training & Education

Ultimately, our goal at MMI is empower clients to advocate for trust and quality themselves. To this end, MMI offers high level quality and trust education, appropriate for a wide range of marketing staff to enable them to ensure their suppliers are delivering on quality. Also, MMI encourages the creation of an in-house 'Trust Specialist' given 1:1 training and customized workflow and supplier vetting tools.

ecommerce advertisers

Sales are the primary endpoint measured in eCommerce client advertising efforts. Optimal media investment decisions are made when advertisers clearly understand which media partners are really driving sales. MMI works to analyze supplier data at the most detailed level to determine accuracy of attribution reporting in order to ensure that clients are investing in the media supplier with the best returns.




Ongoing Support

After a typical MMI engagement, clients will have become powerful and effective advocates for ensuring they partner with high quality partners in the supply chain. However, given the powerful financial incentives media ecosystem suppliers have to erode quality over time, MMI offers ongoing support such as additional follow-up audits and consulting opportunities to advise on strategic supply deals.




For every complicated problem, there is a solution that is simple, direct, understandable…and wrong
— H.L. Mencken


Let's Talk Trust.

If you share our position that the digital media ecosystem has lost sight of advertiser interests when it comes to transparency, trust and quality, we'd love to chat. At MMI, our passion is to provide clients the knowledge and intelligence needed to take back control and ensure that their media investments are allocated to trusted, quality supply and ad-tech partners.

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