Bots Who Stole Christmas & Ad Fraud, MetaX, Method Media Intelligence, NYC

This post contains a link to Method Media Intelligence's presentation on ad fraud at Blockchain Xplore event for MetaX at Microsoft Center in New York City.

How to Tell When Someone Is Talking BS About Blockchain - The Drum

Blockchain has become one of the most overused buzzwords in many industries. In this article from Rebecca Stewart of The Drum, the claims and solutions related to the applications of blockchain technology are examined.

Method Media Intelligence's Shailin Dhar believes that "a lack of clarity and misinformation in the marketplace are the two biggest challenges holding blockchain back", and "everyone would benefit from creating education cycles in their organizations to make sure their teams have a sufficient understanding of what the word blockchain means to them and the environment they operate in".

Method Media Intelligence to Present at Blockchain Xplore on February 27th in New York City

Praneet Sharma and Shailin Dhar from Method Media Intelligence will be presenting at MetaX's Blockchain Xplore event at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York City on February 27th, 2018. 

Blockchain Xplore is a one-day, educational conference designed to drive a deeper understanding of the potentials of blockchain-based technology for the digital advertising industry.

The title of their talk is "The Bots Who Stole Christmas".

No, Blockchain Won’t Upend Digital Marketing — Yet. But The Potential Is Real - Which50

Read this article from Andrew Birmingham of Which50. The focus of this piece is the application of blockchain technology in digital advertising.

Praneet Sharma explains that the main blockchain networks cannot and should not handle the scale of digital advertising. He argues that a good capability would be to “side-chain” information into a separate blockchain and merge it back into the main one. This is required for impression-level tracking. For other things, like supply verification, the transaction rate is not of much concern. 

MMI's Shailin Dhar Featured in LA AdTech Panel: Blockchain in AdTech

Shailin Dhar was featured in MetaX's LA AdTech Panel, hosted in Santa Monica, CA. The panel was composed of close to 100 people with backgrounds ranging from programmatic advertising to dApp development. 

Watch a recording of the event here.

Shailin Dhar Exposes Systemic Fraud in Digital Advertising

Read Shailin Dhar's interview with MetaX, where he outlines the challenges faced by participants in the digital marketing ecosystem. Then, Shailin discusses how implementation of blockchain can bring a new level of transparency to digital advertising.