The Method MI "Bid Simulator" lets advertisers get a glimpse into how optimally their tools are bidding on certain profiles.

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The "Bid Simulator" intelligently builds a profile by navigating and interacting with pre-defined or user-defined web content. One could create a "car buyer" profile by navigating blogs about popular SUVs, car magazines, etc. Another example is the "insurance buyer" profile that can navigate price comparison tools and articles about home insurance. After it builds this profile, it stores all the data points for later analysis.


The "Bid Simulator" can then start scanning publisher sites that are, again, pre-defined or user-defined. It gathers information around the bidding speed, value and creatives. It can show what is loading, at what time, and at what frequency.

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Finally, all the data is available in raw form for the parties to analyze with their own tools, or in a pre configured dashboard. This offers absolute transparency.