At Method, we share a passion for bringing trust and transparency to the fragmented online advertising ecosystem. Our approach does not start and end with technology, but with instilling a fundamental understanding of all parts of the digital advertising ecosystem. Our experiences prove that their individual fields complement each other in surprising and inseparable ways.

The quality message of digital media has been a one-way street. The supply chain is leading the conversation with bad advice that does little to mitigate poor quality. As a result, the best interests of agencies and advertisers are lost because the supply chain is incentivized to profit from counterfeit and poor quality traffic. This made us eager to cultivate our own practice, one that would effectively intersect our expertise with the interests of advertisers and their agency partners.

We believe that advertisers have every right to own, trust, and control their own destiny by gaining the knowledge and tools required to maximize their media investment returns. The team at MMI embodies the courage and contrarian spirit necessary to help our clients fight the flawed status quo and take back control of digital media budgets.

Choosing to specialize in a field means that you are completely devoted to it; that you will protect it as if it were your own. That is the energy that sets us apart.



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Method Media Intelligence prides itself in speaking plainly about the growing quality risks in today's digital media landscape. Advertisers and agencies, those who spend and control billions of digital media investment dollars, deserve access perspectives contrary to the conventional wisdom of 'don't worry, it's under control.'

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CEO and Co-FoundER

Shailin Dhar

After his experience from working at ad-networks and in the affiliate marketing space, Shailin began speaking out against ad-fraud in 2014. Called the "Fraud Crusader", Shailin takes ad-fraud very seriously because of the wider implications to the economy and integrity of the open internet. 

Working with international advertising trade bodies, agency groups, brand advertisers, ad-tech firms, and ad-verification companies to fight advertising fraud has solidified his reputation in the industry as a leading expert on the topic. Shailin's time working independently since 2014 led him to found Method Media Intelligence in 2017 to take his crusade to the next level by teaming up with like-minded experts that can help make a real impact on the industry. 

He is a strong believer in "Knowledge is Power." Having written many publicly available articles and research pieces on the topic of ad-fraud, Shailin's goal is to increase the level of awareness across the industry.

Shailin currently lives in New York City. Being born in Delhi, India after his family migrated from Kashmir, he moved to California with his parents and younger brother at the age of 5. He has also lived in San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle, and India. 


Praneet Sharma Photo.jpeg

CTO AND Co-Founder

Praneet Sharma

Praneet brings an entrepreneurial and technical spirit to combating ad fraud. He started his career as one of the technical founders of a website design platform. He was an early employee and lead engineer at another startup focussed on publishing user generated content on large sites such as Converse and Kenneth Cole. It was his experience working in the monitoring space which brought him to the world of ad tech. Working with large publishers and ad tech companies, seeing how granular data points were showing large disparities, he set out to address the problem.

Praneet has a firm belief that what is missing in fraud research is sound data collection and analytical measures. The ecosystem deserves to be empowered with the means to scientifically question such a large scale, and complex system. The community should also be aware of how fraudsters might think, what toolsets they use and will use in the future, and how different forces are unknowingly creating a landscape for ad fraud to exist

Praneet used to be a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. A San Francisco Bay Area native, he now lives in New York City.